Fun Toddler Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

As a parent of a one year old, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to come up with fun and nutritious breakfast ideas that your little one will want to eat. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fun toddler breakfast ideas for one year olds that are not only delicious but also easy to make.

From colorful fruit smoothie bowls to mini pancakes shaped like animals, these breakfast options will have your one year old excited to start their day. Say goodbye to boring cereal and toast and hello to an array of tasty meal options that will keep your toddler happy and healthy. Let’s dive into some fun toddler breakfast ideas for one year olds!

Ways to Make Toddler Breakfast Fun

As parents, we all know the struggle of getting our toddlers to eat breakfast. They can be picky eaters and it can be challenging to convince them to try new foods. However, making breakfast fun can help encourage them to eat more and try different things. Here are some easy ways to make toddler breakfast fun:

  1. Use cookie cutters: Cut their toast or pancakes into fun shapes like stars or hearts using cookie cutters.
  2. Make a breakfast buffet: Set up a spread of healthy options like fruit, yogurt, cereal, and toast for your toddler to choose from.
  3. Add color: Adding colorful fruits like strawberries or blueberries to oatmeal or cereal not only makes it more visually appealing but also adds flavor and nutrition.

Toddler Feeding Supplies

Toddler feeding supplies are essential for parents who want to provide their little ones with the right nutrition. From bottles and sippy cups to plates and utensils, there are numerous options available in the market. However, it can be overwhelming for parents to choose the right products that meet their child’s needs.

When it comes to bottles, parents should consider the material used. Glass bottles may be more durable but they can also break easily if dropped. Plastic bottles are lightweight but may contain harmful chemicals such as BPA.

Sippy cups come in various shapes and sizes that suit different ages. Some have a spout while others have a straw or rimless design which helps transition from bottle-feeding to drinking from an open cup.

Plates and utensils play a critical role in ensuring toddlers eat safely and comfortably during meal times.

Easy & Fun Toddler Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

Fun Toddler Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

As a parent, getting your toddler to eat breakfast can be quite a daunting task. With busy schedules and little ones who are picky eaters, it’s no wonder that many parents struggle with finding quick and easy breakfast options for their toddlers. However, several breakfast ideas will not only satisfy your little one’s appetite but also provide them with the necessary nutrients they need to start their day off on the right foot. Read Why Toddlers Are Difficult – 8 Reasons & Practical Advice

Waffle topped with blueberries

This meal provides a healthy dose of fiber and antioxidants while being quick and simple to make.

To create this delicious breakfast, all you need is a toaster or waffle maker and some frozen blueberries. Toast the waffles according to package instructions, then top them with the berries. For an added protein boost, consider adding a dollop of almond butter or Greek yogurt on top.

Not only will your little one love the taste of this breakfast, but they will also benefit from its nutritional value. Blueberries are known for their high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, which can help support immune function and protect against oxidative stress in the body.

Avocado toast

This tasty treat is quick to prepare, packed full of vitamins and healthy fats, and can be customized to suit your little one’s tastes. Here are a few tips for making the perfect avocado toast for your toddler.

Start with a slice of whole wheat or sourdough bread, toasted until crispy. Mash half an avocado onto the toast using a fork, then sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper. Depending on your child’s preferences, you can also add toppings like sliced cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese, or hard-boiled egg slices. Serve alongside fresh fruit or yogurt for a complete breakfast that will keep your little one energized all morning long! With these easy toddler breakfast ideas, you’ll never have to struggle to find something healthy and delicious to feed your little ones in the morning.

French toast

French toast is a classic breakfast dish that is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. Made with eggs, milk, and whole-grain bread, it provides protein and fiber to keep your little one full and satisfied throughout the morning. Plus, French toast can be customized in various ways by adding toppings like fresh fruit or nut butter.

To make French toast for your toddler, simply beat together 1-2 eggs and 1/4 cup of milk in a shallow bowl. Dip slices of whole-grain bread into the mixture until they are coated on both sides.

Egg & hashbrown scramble

One simple and satisfying breakfast idea for toddlers is an egg and hashbrown scramble. This tasty dish is easy to whip up in just a few minutes, making it perfect for busy mornings. Start by cooking diced potatoes in a skillet until they’re golden brown. Then, add whisked eggs to the skillet along with cheese and any other desired toppings such as diced vegetables or cooked sausage. It’s easily customizable based on your toddler’s preferences or dietary restrictions.

Fun Toddler Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

Biscuit with jelly

One popular option among many toddlers is the classic biscuit with jelly. Biscuits are a great source of carbohydrates and provide energy for your little one’s busy day ahead. They are also easy to make or purchase pre-made from the store. Adding some jelly, which is typically made from fruit, adds some sweetness and provides additional vitamins and minerals.

To make this breakfast even more nutritious, consider using whole wheat biscuits instead of white flour ones. You could also try making your homemade jelly using fresh fruits for added health benefits. Overall, the biscuit with jelly breakfast idea is a quick and simple way to give your toddler a tasty meal that will keep them fueled until lunchtime.

Cereal with milk

If you’re tired of the same old scrambled eggs and toast routine, then look no further than cereal with milk. It’s a classic breakfast staple that’s quick, easy, and delicious.

There are so many different types of cereals available on the market today that it can be overwhelming to choose just one. However, when selecting a cereal for your toddler, it’s important to keep in mind their nutritional needs. Look for cereals that are low in sugar and high in fiber and protein. Some great options include oatmeal, Cheerios, or whole-grain flakes.

To take things up another notch, consider adding fresh fruit such as bananas or berries to the mix.

Oatmeal with raspberries

This easy and nutritious meal will keep your little one full and satisfied until lunchtime.

To make this delicious breakfast, simply cook a serving of oatmeal according to the package instructions. Then, top with fresh raspberries (or any other fruit your child enjoys) and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup for added sweetness. You can also mix in some chia seeds or flaxseed for an extra boost of fiber and omega-3s.

Not only is this breakfast quick and easy to prepare, but it is also packed with nutrients that are essential for growing toddlers. Oatmeal is a great source of complex carbohydrates that provide sustained energy throughout the morning, while raspberries are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.

Yogurt Parfait

Not only is it simple to make, but it’s also a great way to incorporate fresh fruit and protein into your child’s diet.

To make a yogurt parfait, simply layer Greek yogurt with fresh berries or sliced fruit in a small cup or bowl. You can also add granola or chopped nuts for some extra crunch. This easy breakfast idea not only looks pretty, but it’s also delicious and healthy too! Plus, toddlers love being able to customize their parfaits by choosing their favorite fruits.

One more fun twist on the traditional yogurt parfait is to freeze them into popsicles! Simply layer Greek yogurt and fruit in popsicle molds and freeze overnight.

Fun Toddler Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

Peanut butter toast with banana

This classic combo hits all the right notes: protein, fiber, healthy fats, and natural sweetness. Plus, it’s quick and easy to make – perfect for busy mornings.

To start, choose whole-grain bread for maximum nutrients and fiber. Toast it until golden brown and spread on a generous layer of creamy peanut butter (look for varieties without added sugar or hydrogenated oils). Then slice up a ripe banana and arrange the pieces on top of the peanut butter. You can even drizzle on some honey or sprinkle with cinnamon if your child likes a little extra flavor. Serve alongside milk or unsweetened yogurt for a well-rounded breakfast that will keep your little one satisfied until snack time.

Mini pancakes with jelly

To make mini pancakes, simply mix some pancake batter and pour small amounts onto a non-stick pan or griddle. Cook until golden brown on each side and serve with a dollop of jelly on top. Toddlers love the miniature size of these pancakes and the sweet burst of flavor from the jelly.

Not only is this breakfast idea easy to prepare, but it also allows for endless variations by using different types of fruit jams or spreads. You can also add in some sliced bananas or chopped nuts for an extra crunch and nutrition boost.

Oatmeal bars

Oatmeal bars are an excellent option that is easy to make and perfect for an on-the-go breakfast. Not only are they delicious and filling, but they also provide your child with the energy they need to tackle their day.

One of the best things about oatmeal bars is that they can be customized to suit your child’s taste preferences. You can add different fruits, nuts, or even chocolate chips to make them more appealing for picky eaters. You can easily batch-cook them ahead of time and freeze them, making busy mornings a breeze.

To make oatmeal bars at home, all you need is rolled oats, honey, or maple syrup as a natural sweetener and any other toppings you want such as berries or nuts.

Chocolate zucchini muffin

These yummy treats are not only tasty but also packed with essential nutrients that will keep your toddler energized throughout the day.

One of the benefits of chocolate zucchini muffins is that they’re super easy to make. You don’t need any fancy ingredients or complicated techniques; just mix all the ingredients and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes. You can even prepare these muffins in advance and freeze them for busy mornings when you don’t have much time to spare.

Fun Toddler Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

Smoothie bowl

Simply blend some frozen fruit, milk or yogurt, and any other desired ingredients such as spinach or chia seeds until smooth. Pour the mixture into a bowl and top it off with fresh fruit slices, granola, or nuts. You can even make it more fun by letting your toddler decorate their bowl! Smoothie bowls are packed with vitamins and nutrients that toddlers need to grow strong and healthy.

Bagel with peanut butter

Not only is a bagel with peanut butter quick and simple to prepare, but it’s also packed with protein and healthy fats that will keep your child energized throughout the morning. Plus, it’s customizable – add sliced bananas or strawberries for some extra nutrition, or swap out regular peanut butter for a nut-free alternative if there are allergies in the family.

For a bonus, let your toddler help assemble their breakfast by spreading the peanut butter on their bagel. This not only fosters independence but also allows them to be involved in meal preparation – a great way to encourage healthy eating habits from a young age.

Toast with jelly

Toast with jelly is a great breakfast option for toddlers. It’s easy to prepare, quick to make, and customizable. Toddlers love the sweetness of the jelly and the crunchiness of the toast. Parents love that it’s a simple breakfast option that can be made in a matter of minutes.

To prepare toast with jelly, simply toast a slice of bread and spread some jelly on top. You can use any type of bread you like – white, wheat, sourdough – whatever your toddler prefers. And there are so many flavors of jelly to choose from – strawberry, grape, raspberry – the possibilities are endless.

This breakfast is not only delicious but also nutritious. Whole grain breads provide fiber and energy for little ones while fruit jellies offer natural sweetness without added sugars. Plus, it’s an excellent way to introduce different textures and tastes into their diet as they grow older.

Cinnamon Pear Oatmeal

Cinnamon pear oatmeal is a simple and nutritious breakfast option that even the pickiest toddlers will enjoy. Oatmeal is an excellent source of fiber and protein, providing long-lasting energy to keep your little one fueled throughout the morning. Paired with sweet pears and warm cinnamon spice, this recipe is sure to be a hit.

To make cinnamon pear oatmeal, simply cook rolled oats according to package instructions and add diced pears and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon. For added sweetness, you can drizzle honey or maple syrup on top. This recipe can also easily be customized by adding other fruits such as bananas or berries, or incorporating nuts and seeds for extra texture.

Not only is cinnamon pear oatmeal delicious, but it’s also a great way to introduce new flavors and textures to your toddler’s diet.

Fun Toddler Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

Waffle with yogurt dip

Waffles are a delicious breakfast option that can be prepared in no time, making them perfect for busy parents who need to feed their toddlers quickly. One easy way to spruce up your waffles is by pairing them with a yogurt dip. Yogurt is packed with calcium and protein, essential nutrients for growing toddlers, and provides a smooth creamy texture that complements the crispy waffle perfectly.

To make the yogurt dip, you will need just two ingredients – plain Greek yogurt and honey. Mix equal parts of both in a bowl until well combined. You can also add some cinnamon or vanilla extract to enhance the flavor if your toddler has an adventurous palate. Once ready, serve alongside pre-made waffles or whip up some fresh ones using your favorite recipe for an extra-special treat.

Mini pancakes with pb

Not only are these tiny pancakes quick to make, but they also provide a healthy dose of protein and carbohydrates that can give your child the energy they need to start their day.

To make mini pancakes with pb, all you have to do is whip up a batch of pancake batter like you normally would. Once the batter is ready, use a tablespoon or small cookie scoop to drop it onto a hot griddle or pan. Cook each pancake until it’s golden brown on both sides, then remove from the heat and spread a layer of peanut butter on top before serving.

Your toddler will love these bite-sized pancakes because they’re easy to eat and fun to play with.

Carrot cake oatmeal

Carrot cake oatmeal is a delicious and nutritious breakfast option for toddlers. It’s easy to make, packed with fiber and protein and tastes just like the classic dessert. This recipe is perfect for busy parents who want to provide their little ones with a healthy start to the day without sacrificing taste.

To make carrot cake oatmeal, simply combine rolled oats, grated carrots, cinnamon, vanilla extract, honey or maple syrup, and milk in a pot. Cook on medium heat until the mixture thickens and the oats are tender. Top it off with some chopped nuts or raisins for added texture and flavor.

Not only does this recipe offer an easy way to get your toddler excited about breakfast time, but it also provides essential nutrients that will keep them energized throughout the day. So why not try making carrot cake oatmeal tomorrow morning? Your little one will love it!

Avocado bread pinwheels

Avocado bread pinwheels are a nutritious and delicious breakfast option that your toddler will love. These pinwheels are easy to make and can be prepared in just a few minutes. This recipe is perfect for busy parents who want to provide their little ones with healthy breakfast ideas that are both tasty and filling.

To make these avocado bread pinwheels, start by spreading mashed avocado on a slice of whole wheat bread. Roll the bread up tightly and slice it into small rounds. These pinwheel bites can be served as is or paired with fresh fruit for added nutrition. Your toddler will love the combination of creamy avocado and crunchy whole wheat bread, making this an excellent breakfast choice that they’ll look forward to every morning.

This recipe is not only easy to prepare but also high in nutrients, which makes it an ideal breakfast option for growing toddlers.

Fun Toddler Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

Chocolate Chip Pancake

Not only will your child love them, but they are also simple to make and require just a few ingredients.

To get started, gather all the necessary ingredients: pancake mix, milk, eggs, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, and butter. Mix the pancake batter according to the instructions on the package. Then add in a handful of chocolate chips and stir until well combined.

Next, heat a non-stick pan over medium heat and melt a small amount of butter. Pour about 1/4 cup of batter onto the pan for each pancake. Cook until bubbles form on the surface of the pancake before flipping it over to cook on the other side.

Banana French Toast

This simple recipe requires only a few ingredients and takes just minutes to prepare.

To make this tasty breakfast treat, start by whisking together eggs, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract in a shallow dish. Then dip slices of bread into the mixture until coated on both sides. Heat some butter or oil in a frying pan and cook each slice of bread until golden brown on both sides. Top with sliced bananas and drizzle with maple syrup for an extra sweet touch.

Not only is banana French toast easy to make, but it also provides important nutrients that growing toddlers need such as protein from the egg and fiber from the whole-wheat bread.

Broccoli & Cheese Eggs

Broccoli and cheese eggs are a delicious and nutritious breakfast idea for toddlers. Not only are they packed with protein, but they also contain essential vitamins and minerals found in broccoli. This recipe is quick and easy to prepare, making it perfect for busy mornings.

To make broccoli and cheese eggs, start by steaming fresh broccoli until it’s tender. In a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, salt, and pepper. Add the cooked broccoli to the egg mixture along with shredded cheddar cheese. Pour the mixture into a greased muffin tin and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 20 minutes or until the eggs are set.

These mini quiches can be served warm or cold, making them an ideal breakfast option for families on the go. They can also be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for later use.

Peanut Butter Toast

Peanut butter toast is a classic breakfast option that is loved by both adults and kids. It’s easy to make, nutritious, and delicious. This makes it the perfect choice for parents who are looking for quick and easy breakfast ideas for their little ones.

One of the best things about peanut butter toast is that it can be customized to suit any taste preference. For picky eaters who don’t like the texture of chunky peanut butter, smooth peanut butter can be used instead. In addition, different types of bread such as whole wheat or sourdough can be used to add some variety.

Another great thing about peanut butter toast is its nutritional value. Peanut butter is a good source of protein and healthy fats which helps to keep toddlers full until their next mealtime. It contains vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium which are beneficial for growth and development.

Fun Toddler Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

Blueberry Oatmeal

Blueberry oatmeal is an ideal breakfast for toddlers as it is easy to make and packed full of nutrients. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber, which helps keep little tummies feeling fuller for longer. And blueberries are high in antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber that can help support the immune system.

To prepare this dish, start by adding rolled oats and water to a pot on medium heat. Cook for about five minutes while constantly stirring until the oats have absorbed the water. Once done, add some fresh or frozen blueberries and stir gently to combine. You can sweeten the oatmeal with some honey before serving if needed.

To make this dish even more nutritious, you can top it off with some sliced bananas or apples or sprinkle some chia seeds on top for added omega-3 fatty acids and protein.

Waffle with Jelly

Waffles are a classic breakfast food that many children love. And by adding some jelly on top, you not only make the dish more exciting for your toddler but also add some extra nutrition. Jelly typically contains fruit, which is a healthy source of vitamins and fiber that kids often need more of in their diets.

To make this breakfast even easier and quicker to prepare, consider purchasing frozen waffles from the grocery store. You can simply pop them in the toaster or oven and have them ready in minutes – perfect for busy mornings when you’re running out the door!

English Muffin

English muffins are a great option for parents looking to provide their toddlers with an easy and nutritious breakfast. These small, round bread can be toasted and topped with a variety of healthy toppings that your little one will love. Plus, they are easy to eat on the go, making them perfect for busy mornings.

One of the best things about English muffins is their versatility. You can top them with eggs, cheese, fruit spreads, nut butter, or even avocado. This means that you can tailor your toddler’s breakfast according to their preferences and dietary restrictions. For instance, if your child is lactose intolerant, you could opt for a vegan cream cheese spread instead of regular cream cheese.

They provide a good source of fiber and complex carbohydrates which help keep your toddler feeling full throughout the morning.

Strawberry Shortcake Waffle

This simple yet delicious recipe is perfect for busy mornings when you need to get your little one fed and out the door. Plus, it’s packed with nutritious ingredients that will keep your child energized throughout the day.

To make a strawberry shortcake waffle, start by whipping up a batch of whole-grain waffles using your favorite recipe or mix. Then, top each waffle with a generous dollop of Greek yogurt and sliced fresh strawberries. Drizzle some honey over the top for added sweetness, and voila – breakfast is served! Your toddler will love the fruity flavor and creamy texture of this tasty treat.

Fun Toddler Breakfast Ideas for One Year Olds

Mini Breakfast Burrito

This fun and tasty meal is the perfect way to start your child’s day off right. Not only is it packed with protein and fiber, but it’s also super easy to make.

To create a mini breakfast burrito, simply grab a small tortilla, some scrambled eggs, cheese, and any other fillings that your child enjoys (think diced veggies or even bacon). Spread the scrambled eggs onto the tortilla before adding the other toppings. Roll everything up tightly into a burrito shape before heating it in the microwave or on a stovetop griddle. In just minutes, you’ll have a delicious meal that your little one will love. One of the best things about mini breakfast burritos is how versatile they are.

Scrambled Eggs & Spinach

Scrambled Eggs & Spinach is an excellent breakfast idea for your little ones. It’s easy to prepare, and it provides a balance of protein and vitamins to start their day off right. This recipe is perfect for busy mornings when you need something quick and nutritious.

To make this dish, begin by cooking some fresh spinach in a pan until it wilts down. Add scrambled eggs to the pan and cook them together with the spinach until they’re fully cooked. Season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve hot.

If your child is hesitant about eating greens, adding them to scrambled eggs is an excellent way to sneak in some extra nutrition. Plus, this dish can be customized with additional ingredients like cheese or diced tomatoes that your child may enjoy.

Spinach & Oat Muffins

Spinach & Oat Muffins make for the perfect easy toddler breakfast idea. The combination of spinach and oats is a great way to pack in some extra nutrients into your little one’s meal. These muffins are not only healthy but also delicious, making them a win-win for both parents and kids. Check Toddler Throwing Up Mucus: 5 Common Causes & How To Help

What’s great about these muffins is that they are incredibly simple to make, requiring just a few ingredients and minimal preparation time. All you need is some baby spinach, rolled oats, milk, eggs, baking powder, and a touch of honey or maple syrup for sweetness. Simply blend all the ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth before baking them in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Voila – breakfast is served!

These Spinach & Oat Muffins are not only perfect for busy mornings but also make an excellent snack option throughout the day.

Eggy Banana Pancakes

Eggy banana pancakes are a delicious and healthy breakfast option for toddlers. This recipe is perfect for parents who want to feed their kids a nutritious meal without sacrificing taste. These pancakes are easy to make and can be customized with different toppings or mix-ins depending on your child’s preferences.

To make these eggy banana pancakes, all you need is some ripe bananas, eggs, and a few basic pantry staples like flour and baking powder. Simply mash the bananas in a bowl until they are smooth, then whisk in the eggs and other ingredients until everything is well combined. Heat a non-stick skillet or griddle over medium-high heat, then drop the batter by spoonfuls onto the hot surface. Cook until golden brown on both sides, then serve with your favorite toppings like fresh fruit or maple syrup. Check My Toddler’s Poop Smells Like Mothballs: Why It Happens & What To Do


As a parent, I know how challenging it can be to come up with new and exciting fun breakfast ideas for one year olds. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of fun toddler breakfast ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters. From fruit smoothies to mini pancake bites, these recipes are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients to keep your little one energized throughout the day. So next time you’re struggling to come up with a tasty and healthy breakfast option, give one of these recipes a try. Your toddler will thank you!

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