What To Bring To Gender-Reveal Party? 20 Perfect Ideas

Are you struggling to come up with the perfect gender reveal party gift? Are you looking for creative ideas that are sure to delight and impress your family and friends? Look no further! In this article, I’ve compiled a list of 20 great ideas of what to bring to gender-reveal party. From traditional gifts like baby clothes to unique items like fortune tellers, you’re sure to find something that will make the event extra special and memorable.

Do you bring a gift to a gender-reveal party? It is not necessary to bring a gift to a gender-reveal party. However, if you would like to bring something, there are lots of fun and creative options that can be tailored to the couple’s taste. For example, you could bring a onesie with a cute saying or design that reveals the baby’s gender. Or, you could get creative and make a cake or cupcakes with pink or blue frosting inside. You could also bring items such as books, stuffed animals, blankets, or toys in either gender-neutral colors or blue and pink. Whatever gift you decide to give, it will be sure to add some extra joy and excitement to the party!

What To Bring To Gender-Reveal Party
What To Bring To Gender-Reveal Party

Gift Etiquette for Gender-Reveal Party

Gender-reveal parties have become increasingly popular over the years, and with their rise in popularity comes new gift-giving etiquette to consider. If you’ve been invited to a gender-reveal party, you may be wondering what type of gift is appropriate for the occasion. Here are some tips and considerations to keep in mind when choosing a gift for this exciting event.

Are You Obligated To Bring a Gift?

The answer isn’t necessarily straightforward, but there are a few things you should consider before deciding whether or not to bring something.

It’s important to remember that gender-reveal parties are still relatively new and therefore don’t necessarily have established gift-giving norms. This means that you can’t go wrong either way – bringing a gift won’t be seen as an obligation, nor will failure to do so be seen as rude. If the hosts have specified on the invitation that gifts aren’t necessary (or if they haven’t mentioned anything at all), then it’s safe to assume that they don’t expect anything from guests.

Is It Rude To Ask?

Asking for gifts is a tricky subject, and it can be especially sensitive when it comes to attending a gender-reveal party. Some people might feel that asking for gifts is rude, while others may believe that it’s perfectly acceptable. It boils down to the perspective of the person who is invited to the party.

There are some reasons why asking for gender-reveal party gifts could be considered rude. For example, some guests might feel obligated to bring a gift even if they don’t want to or can’t afford to do so. Additionally, some people may find the act of asking for gifts presumptuous or entitled.

On the other hand, there are also valid reasons why asking for gender-reveal party gifts would not be considered rude. For one thing, many guests will likely want to bring something anyway as a way of showing their support and excitement about the upcoming arrival.

When in Doubt, Bring a Small Gift

Bringing a small gift is always a safe bet. A thoughtful gift can show the expecting parents that you care about them and their upcoming bundle of joy. Whether it’s your close friend, family member, or co-worker who’s having the baby, there are plenty of creative and budget-friendly options available.

When selecting a gender-reveal party gift, consider choosing something practical yet unique. For example, opt for a set of onesies with cute designs or an adorable stuffed animal that can become the baby’s new favorite toy. If you want to go above and beyond, personalized gifts such as engraved picture frames or custom-made blankets are sure to be appreciated by the parents-to-be.

Remember that it isn’t necessary to spend a lot on your gender-reveal party gift.

Gender-Reveal and Baby Shower Combo

For expectant parents, gender reveals and a baby shower is two of the most exciting moments leading up to their child’s birth. While these events are typically celebrated separately, more and more couples are opting to combine them into one big celebration. The gender-reveal-and-baby-shower combo is quickly becoming a popular trend for busy parents-to-be who want to save time and money.

Combining the gender reveal and baby shower can also make it easier for friends and family members who live far away or have busy schedules to attend just one event instead of two. Plus, it allows guests to bring gifts that are both practical (like diapers) and fun (like cute onesies in pink or blue). And let’s not forget about the convenience factor – hosting one party instead of two means less planning, decorating, and clean-up.

Should the Gift Be for the Parents or the Baby?

When it comes to a baby shower or gender-reveal party, there is often a debate on whether the gifts should be for the parents or the baby. Some believe that gifts should be solely focused on what the baby needs, while others think gifts should also cater to the parents’ needs. The truth is, there are pros and cons to each approach.

What To Bring to Gender-Reveal Party

If you choose to focus solely on the baby’s needs, you can ensure that your gift will be practical and useful for their growth and development. Items like diapers, onesies, blankets, and toys are always appreciated by new parents. However, neglecting the parents’ needs may leave them feeling forgotten during this exciting but overwhelming time.

On the other hand, if you opt to include items for both parents and baby in your gift basket or hamper, you show them that you care about their well-being too.

What Do You Bring to a Gender-Reveal Party? 20 Great Ideas

Gender-reveal parties are a fun and exciting way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. However, when it comes to deciding what to bring as a gift, many people can be left scratching their heads. You want your gift to be memorable, practical, and unique all at the same time. Fortunately, there are plenty of great ideas out there that will help you make an impression at any gender-reveal party.

Gender-Reveal Gifts for Mom

Here are some top ideas for gender-reveal gifts that any mom would love.

Gender-Reveal Gifts for Mom

Plush Robe

Robes are incredibly versatile. They can be worn around the house as loungewear or used as an extra layer of warmth after a shower or bath. This makes them an ideal gift for any expectant mother who wants to stay cozy and comfortable during her pregnancy.

Plush robes come in all shapes and sizes, making them suitable for any body type or style preference. Whether you opt for a classic white terry cloth robe or something more luxurious like a silk kimono-style option, there’s sure to be something out there that will tick all the boxes.

Pregnancy Journal

For expecting mothers, keeping a journal is an excellent way to document their pregnancy journey. Not only does it serve as a personal keepsake, but it’s also an opportunity for moms-to-be to reflect on the changes happening in their bodies and emotions. While writing about the latest cravings or kicks from the baby can be exciting, adding special moments like gender-reveal parties can make the experience even more memorable.

One great gift option for moms is a personalized baby journal. A customized journal not only offers space for her to document all of her pregnancy milestones but also provides a place where she can record special moments from her gender reveal party.

Dainty “Mama” Necklace

This delicate and elegant piece of jewelry is the ideal way to celebrate a soon-to-be mom’s journey into motherhood. With its simple design and customizable touch, it’s sure to become a cherished keepsake that she will treasure forever.

Crafted from high-quality materials such as sterling silver or gold, our Dainty Mama Necklace features a dainty pendant stamped with the word “Mama” in lowercase letters. This understated design makes it versatile enough to wear with any outfit, whether dressing up for a special occasion or simply running errands around town.

The necklace also includes an option to add birthstones, making it even more personalized and unique. Choose stones that represent the expected baby’s birth month, or simply pick colors that complement the mom’s style.

Spa or Nail Salon Gift Card

This type of gift can be the perfect way to help the expectant mother relax and unwind before her little one arrives. Plus, it’s an opportunity for her to indulge in some much-needed pampering.

A spa gift card can provide access to services such as massages, facials, and body treatments. These types of treatments can help relieve stress and tension while also promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. On the other hand, a nail salon gift card allows the mom-to-be to get a manicure or pedicure which will make her feel refreshed and beautiful.

Whether it’s a day at the spa or an afternoon at the nail salon, these types of experiences offer moms-to-be some well-deserved time off from their busy lives.

Fuzzy Cross-Band Slippers

Fuzzy Cross-Band Slippers are the perfect gender-reveal gift for any mom-to-be. With their cozy and comfortable design, these slippers are sure to keep her feet warm during those long nights of pregnancy. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, they make a great addition to any expecting mother’s wardrobe.

Made from high-quality materials, Fuzzy Cross-Band Slippers provide superior comfort and support. The cross-band design ensures a secure fit, while the soft fuzzy lining feels like walking on clouds. These slippers are not only functional but also stylish with their trendy design that can match any outfit.

In addition to being a practical gift choice, Fuzzy Cross-Band Slippers can also be used as a part of your gender-reveal celebration. Present them in pink or blue wrapping paper depending on the baby’s gender for an extra special touch.

Body Oil

Body oil is an excellent choice for a gender-reveal gift because it can be used throughout pregnancy and beyond. It nourishes the skin, making it soft and supple while also providing a relaxing experience for the mommy-to-be. There are many types of body oils available on the market, from lavender-scented ones that promote relaxation to those infused with vitamin E that help prevent stretch marks. If you’re looking for a more personalized touch, consider opting for handmade or organic body oils.

Tumbler Cup

A tumbler cup is an excellent gift for any occasion, but it makes an especially thoughtful present for a mom-to-be. These cups are perfect for keeping drinks hot or cold throughout the day and are easy to use on the go. With so many different styles and designs available, you can choose one that reflects the mother’s personality or matches the theme of the baby shower. Not only is a tumbler cup practical, but it also serves as a sentimental keepsake for years to come.

Gender-Reveal Gifts for Dad

Gender-Reveal Gifts for Dad

As expectant parents prepare for the arrival of their bundle of joy, gender-reveal gifts have become one of the most popular ways to share happy news with family and friends. But what about dads? They deserve a special gift too! Here are some creative gender-reveal gift ideas just for dads.

Funny Dad Shirt

If you’re looking for a gender-reveal party gift for a dad that’s sure to put a smile on his face, look no further than the funny dad shirt. These shirts have been gaining in popularity in recent years as dads-to-be embrace their humorous side and embrace the joys of fatherhood.

Whether you choose a shirt with a witty saying or an image that’s bound to get some laughs, there are plenty of options available for every type of dad. Some popular choices include shirts that proclaim “I’m the Dad” or “Dad Bod Loading,” while others feature clever puns and jokes about parenting.

Not only do these shirts make great gifts for expectant dads, but they can also add some levity to any gender-reveal party or baby shower. So if you’re looking to surprise the dad-to-be with something unique and funny, consider picking up a hilarious dad shirt today!

Baby and Dad Books

These types of books offer a unique bonding experience between father and child. They provide an opportunity for dads to feel involved and connected with their little one from the very beginning. From reading stories aloud to simply flipping through pages together, these books can be shared by both parent and child.

One popular example of a baby and dad book is “Daddy Hugs” by Karen Katz. This colorful board book features heartwarming illustrations of dads hugging their children in different ways. It’s perfect for new dads who want some insight into the joys of parenthood or those who simply want to share a special moment with their child.

Matching Baby and Dad Socks

Matching baby and dad socks are a unique and adorable option that is sure to delight any new father. These socks come in a variety of designs, from silly patterns to sweet messages, ensuring there’s something for every type of dad.

Not only are these socks an adorable gift idea, but they also provide a fun way for dads to bond with their little ones. Matching outfits have long been popular for moms and daughters, so why not extend the trend to fathers and their babies? By wearing matching socks, dads can show off their love for their children while enjoying some playful fashion.

In addition to being cute and bonding-focused, matching baby and dad socks are practical too. Babies grow quickly, often outgrowing clothing items within months.

Dad Coffee Mug

A dad coffee mug is both practical and sentimental, making it the perfect gender-reveal gift for any proud papa-to-be.

Not only will a dad coffee mug be useful for early morning caffeine boosts or midday pick-me-ups, but it also serves as a daily reminder of his upcoming role as a father. Choose from designs that feature adorable sayings like “Dad est. [Baby’s Due Date]” or “Dad Fuel,” or go for something more personalized by adding your message or photo. It’s a simple yet thoughtful gesture that he’ll appreciate every time he reaches for his favorite brew.

Gender-Reveal Gifts for Both New Parents

Traditionally, gifts for these parties are geared toward the mom-to-be, but let’s not forget about the dad! Here are some gender-reveal gift ideas that both new parents will love.

Gender-Reveal Gifts for Both New Parents

Date Night Dinner Gift Card

Date night dinner gift cards are a great gender-reveal party gift for both new parents. When it comes to celebrating the arrival of a new baby, it is important to celebrate not just the baby, but also the parents-to-be. A date night dinner gift card is an excellent way to do just that, providing the couple with an opportunity to enjoy some quality time together and indulge in a nice meal.

Not only does a date night dinner gift card allow for some much-needed relaxation time for new parents, but it also gives them something to look forward to after the birth of their child. With all of the stress and responsibility that comes with being a parent, having something enjoyable planned can make all the difference in maintaining good mental health.

Plus, by giving both parents a gift card rather than focusing solely on the mother or father, you show your support for their partnership and commitment as co-parents.

Mom and Dad Coffee Mugs or Tumblers

These mugs or tumblers can be customized with designs that represent each parent’s personality, making them even more special. From cute sayings like “Mommy Needs Coffee” to “Daddy Fuel,” there are endless options available to choose from. Not only will these gifts make the new parents smile, but they’ll also remind them of the love they share for each other and their child.

Sonogram Countdown Photo Frame

This photo frame allows new parents to count down the days until their next sonogram appointment while displaying a sonogram picture of their growing bundle of joy. When it comes time for the big reveal, simply switch out the sonogram picture with a photo revealing your baby’s gender. This gift is perfect for both new moms and dads who want to cherish every moment leading up to meeting their little ones.

Not only does this gift serve as an exciting way to announce your baby’s gender, but it also doubles as a sentimental keepsake that can be cherished for years to come.

Parenting Books

These books offer valuable insights and tips on raising children, which can benefit any new mom or dad. They cover a wide range of topics, from pregnancy care to child development and discipline strategies.

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One of the best things about parenting books is that they cater to different parenting styles and preferences. Whether you are a first-time parent or have multiple children, there’s something for everyone. Some popular titles include “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” “The Whole-Brain Child,” and “Parenting with Love and Logic.” These books provide practical advice that can help new parents navigate the challenges of parenthood with confidence.

Moreover, gender-neutral parenting books also make great gifts when the baby’s gender hasn’t been revealed yet.

Letters to You Journal

Journal allows expecting parents to document their feelings, thoughts, and experiences throughout pregnancy and beyond. With prompts designed for both mothers and fathers, it provides a space for each parent to reflect on their journey from pregnancy to parenthood. The journal also includes pages for ultrasound pictures, milestone moments, and letters written by family members or friends.

By giving this journal as a gift at a gender-reveal party or any time during pregnancy, you can encourage both parents to share their experiences while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Gender-Reveal Gifts for Family

While it’s easy to find gifts for expectant parents, finding appropriate gifts for family members can be a challenge. Here are some ideas for gender-reveal gifts that will thrill your loved ones.

Gender-Reveal Gifts for Family

Funny Family Matching T-Shirts

Not only are they a fun way to announce the upcoming arrival of your little one, but they also create a sense of unity and excitement among family members.

Whether you want to go for a humorous approach or a more sentimental one, there are endless options when it comes to these shirts. From phrases like “Team Pink” and “Team Blue” to graphics featuring storks, diapers, and other baby-related items, there is sure to be a design that perfectly captures your family’s personality.

The best part about these shirts is that they make for great photo opportunities. Imagine capturing everyone wearing their matching tees in a group shot – it’s the perfect way to commemorate this special time in your life.

Grandma/Grandpa Swag for Grandparents

Grandma and grandpa swag is the latest trend in gifts for grandparents. With gender-reveal parties becoming increasingly popular, family members are on the lookout for unique ways to celebrate the arrival of a new grandchild. Grandma and grandpa swag provides the perfect opportunity to do just that.

From personalized mugs and t-shirts to custom-made photo frames, there are endless options available when it comes to grandma and grandpa swag. These gifts not only make great keepsakes but also allow grandparents to proudly display their love for their grandchildren. Whether they’re out running errands or spending time with friends, they’ll have a constant reminder of their growing family.

Gender-reveal parties are all about creating memories with loved ones, which is why grandma and grandpa swag makes such a great gift option.

Big Brother/Big Sister Swag for Siblings

Big Brother Big Sister Swag for Siblings is becoming increasingly popular as more families are choosing to have gender-reveal parties. These parties are a great way to gather family and friends together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. One of the best parts of these celebrations is showering the older siblings with gifts, making them feel special during this exciting time.

When it comes to Gender-Reveal Gifts for Family, there’s no better place to start than with big brother and big sister swag. From t-shirts and onesies to hats and backpacks, there are endless options for sibling apparel that proudly proclaims their new status as the older sibling. This swag not only makes them feel important but also serves as a fun memento they can treasure long after the party ends.

Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments

Personalized family Christmas ornaments that feature gender reveals are not only thoughtful but also incredibly fun. You can choose from various designs such as baby shoes or storks carrying either pink or blue ribbons, depending on whether you are expecting a boy or a girl. These custom-made ornaments will be cherished by everyone in the family and serve as a beautiful reminder of this exciting time in your lives.

Related Questions

The amount you spend on baby gifts will depend on your budget and the gift you choose. If you are looking for something special, it is not necessary to break the bank. You can find thoughtful gifts that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

If you are buying for a close friend or family member, consider spending a bit more money as they will appreciate the gesture. A personalized item such as a blanket with their name embroidered on it or a keepsake box with photos of the new parents would be great choices.

Ultimately, what matters most is that you give something meaningful that comes from the heart. Even if it’s something small, like homemade cookies or a handmade card, it will still be appreciated by the new parents.

Who you invite to a gender-reveal party depends on the size and type of event you’re planning. If you’re having an intimate gathering, it’s best to keep the guest list small and invite only close family and friends. If you’re having a larger celebration, feel free to include extended family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. It can also be nice to invite your doctor or midwife who has been helping with your pregnancy journey.

No matter the size of your gender-reveal party, it’s important to make sure all your guests are comfortable in the environment. This means avoiding any pressure or judgment from those who don’t agree with gender reveals. You should also consider inviting people of all genders so that everyone feels included in the festivities.

Finally, be sure to let everyone know ahead of time what type of event it is so they can dress appropriately and come prepared for whatever activities you have planned!

Whether or not gender receal gifts are necessary is a personal decision. Some people may feel that they are an important part of the celebration, while others may not think it’s necessary.

If you do choose to give gender-reveal gifts, there are many options available. Some popular choices include clothing items like onesies or baby blankets with the baby’s name and gender embroidered on them, as well as personalized keepsakes like mugs or photo frames. These gifts can be used to commemorate the special moment when the parents find out their baby’s gender.

Ultimately, it is up to each family to decide whether or not they want to give gender-reveal gifts. If you do decide to give a gift, make sure it is something that will be cherished for years to come!


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Hosting a gender-reveal party is an exciting way to share the news of your upcoming baby’s gender with family and friends. With these 20 perfect ideas, you are sure to create a memorable experience that everyone will remember. Look for decorations that fit the theme, choose unique treats, and opt for fun activities that will add an element of surprise. Don’t forget to document the occasion with photos or video so you can look back on it fondly in years to come.

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